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Premium Disc Golf Starter Set - 5 discs for $35

Premium Disc Golf Starter Set - 5 discs for $35

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Everything you need to get started playing disc golf. Each set contains each of the following types of discs randomly selected;1 putter, 1 midrange, 1 fairway driver, 1 distance driver, and 1 additional of any speed. The putter will be in normal putter plastic and all other discs will be in highly durable premium plastic IE Innova Champion or Discraft ESP.

All items are used; may or may not have ink and ,may be in new condition or moderately played. They will have plenty of use left.

If you have special requests for specific discs or color preference please use the chat or contact and we will try to help. 

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  • New

    Just as it sounds, These discs are brand new from the Manufacture. The only blemishes in these beauties may be scuffs from storage wear or handing.

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  • Mint

    Anything listed as mint is exactly that! Crisp mint condition discs never thrown or Inked. Place them on the wall or break them in! May show signs some light storage wear or handling.

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  • Near Mint (abbreviated NM)

    Discs in excellent condition, where a few throws might have left their mark or none at all. You might notice subtle signs of wear due to storage and handling – a testament to their authenticity. Yet fear not, for these discs proudly maintain their original flight attributes.

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  • Lightly Played (abbreviated LP)

    These discs that have seen some play. Light scuffing, scratches, or very minor dings may be present. Discs will have original stability and flight characteristics.

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  • Moderately Played (abbreviated MP)

    Trusty throwers that have seen some love and show signs of wear. You can expect some scuffing, scratches, and dings on these discs. Due to their usage, there may be slight variations in their flight path and stability compared to new It's important to note that this is the most common grade for our pre-owned discs!

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  • Heavily Played (abbreviated HP)

    These discs have seen a lot of action and have been well-loved. You can expect major scuffing, scratches, dings, and might also have some minor warping of the plastic. They will have a different stability and flight characteristics compared to new. However, despite their wear, these discs are still playable and have some life left to offer!

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