Who Is Russell Disc Golf and Why Should You Support Us?

Russell Disc golf was started in August of 2022 by Jeremiah and Haley Russell. Our passion for disc golf and collectibles inspired the creation of a disc haven for disc golfers in search of affordable throwers, backups, and coveted collectibles. As well as a place for the disc golf community to grow & learn with key recourses.

Our mission is born from personal experience.

Some of our favorite discs, the Innova Star AJ Teebirds and Discraft Titanium Buzzzs, were surprisingly difficult to find from a local disc golf stores. Thus, we strive to aid individuals in discovering both current and discontinued signature series discs of their favorite players, providing replacements or backups for discs no longer in production

When we began playing, we accumulated numerous discs—some we favored, while others didn't quite fit our game. Faced with a lack of solutions for unwanted discs, we established an effortless way for players to sell these discs for cash or trade them for whatever disc golf supply they are in need of.

Disc golf has been more than just a game to us—it's a community that fosters countless cherished memories and friendships. Whether traveling to new places or playing locally, we've encountered a network of kind-hearted individuals eager to share the joy of this sport. It's a community built on camaraderie and a mutual passion for disc golf. Our aim is to further nurture and expand this community, both online and in person. Locally we will continue to support and help grow Knoxville leagues. Additionally, we will begin hosting youth clinics. New online in 2024 we will begin to compile valuable resources, that we hope will help the community as a whole, onto our resource tab.

Our goal is to create a platform where enthusiasts can not only find items to improve their game but also learn, connect, and share their love for this remarkable sport.